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Our licensed massage therapists specialize in Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and sports massage. 

Yoga/ Pilates

Whether you are looking for more of a slow, breath focused class or want more power, fitness and inversion focus, we have you covered. 

Personal Trainer

Looking for fitness outside of yoga and Pilates? Hire one of our personal trainers to give you a more custom workout.


Our licensed estheticians work with you to customize a perfect facial. Glowing, radiant skin awaits you. We will be adding a Botox specialist to the menu soon!


IV Therapy

Feeling like you just need a boost? IV therapy provides you with a custom cocktail of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help your body feel energized, health and motivated again. 

Juicing and Tonics

Custom made organic juice and adaptogenic tonics. Just tell us what your goals are and we will provide the right blends you are needing. 

Private Chef

Diet can often times be the hardest part of staying healthy. We offer top tier, health chefs to keep your food delicious and nourishing. 




Sound Healing

Red Light Therapy

Infrared Sauna Blankets

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