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LEAN Retreat

Fitness FocusedOur LEAN retreat is all about getting your body moving! Toning up certain areas, flushing out your body and feeling strong. 


DURATION: 5-6 Hours


  • 2 Custom, organic juices

  • 2 Custom health tonics

  • 1 75min Mat Pilates session

  • 1 60min Massage

  • 1 Red light therapy session

  • Private chef

Schedule Options:


7:30am - Set up crew arrives

8:00am - Retreat starts with a gathering for morning juices and tonics

8:15am - Mat Pilates session beings

9:30am - Mat Pilates session ends

9:45am - Red light therapy starts, and Holistic, plant-based breakfast is served

10:30am - Massage begins

12:45pm - Massage ends

1:00pm - Retreat ends



2:15pm - Set up crew arrives

3:00pm - Retreat starts with a gathering for juices and tonics

3:15pm - Mat Pilates session begins

4:30pm - Mat Pilates session ends

4:45pm - Red light therapy starts 

5:15pm - Massages begin

7:30 - Holistic, plant-based dinner is served

8:30/9 - Retreat ends

Add Ons: 



IV Therapy



Personal training - (Can substitute PT for Pilates or add both)

Private, guided hiking adventure

*As you choose to add on and build your retreat, we may tweak the schedule and potentially even split the day into morning and evening or 2 days to ensure we offer you everything you desire without getting burnt out or feeling like you can't optimize your day, go skiing etc... We will always confirm a schedule with you before completing your booking. 


Book your LEAN Retreat

To learn more, find pricing and book your retreat, please contact us below. 

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