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CALM Retreat

Recovery/ Spa Day Feel - This is the perfect retreat to book at the end of your vacation in Aspen. Aspen living is quite active, our calm retreat gives your body the restorative time it needs to keep you refreshed and energized.  


DURATION: 4-5 Hours

INCLUDES (per person):

  • 2 Custom adaptogenic/ Magnesium rich tonics

  • 1 60min Restorative yoga session

  • 1 IV therapy session

  • 1 90min massage

  • 1 Infrared Sauna blanket session and/or Red Light Therapy


Schedule Options:


7:30am - Set up crew arrives

8:30am - Retreat starts with a gathering for morning juices and tonics

8:45 - IV Therapy and Red Light Therapy

9:30am - Restorative yoga session beings

10:30am - Restorative yoga session ends

10:45am - Massage and Infrared Sauna sessions (Option for extra RLT) begin

1:45pm - Retreat ends



1:00pm - Set up crew arrives

2:00pm - Retreat starts with a gathering for recovery tonics

2:15pm - IV Therapy and Red Light Therapy

3:15pm - Restorative yoga session beings

4:15pm - Restorative yoga session ends

4:30pm - Massage and Infrared Sauna Begin

6:30pm - Retreat ends

Add Ons:

Private chef


Sound healing

Red light therapy

Breathwork session

*As you choose to add on and build your retreat, we may tweak the schedule and potentially even split the day into morning and evening or 2 days to ensure we offer you everything you desire without getting burnt out or feeling like you can't optimize your day, go skiing etc... We will always confirm a schedule with you before completing your booking. 


Book your CALM Retreat

To learn more, find out our pricing and book a retreat, please contact us below. 

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