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About RISE

​Rise was created to help people feel more alive and luminous in their lives. We believe health and fitness should be fun, luxurious and convenient. So, we created the first ever luxury, health retreat service delivered 100% to your home. We bring together Aspen's top health professionals for a health experience like no other.

Each retreat is custom made with a specific intention. Whether you are looking for an elevated yoga retreat, a health reset and detox day, bio hacking options or a rejuvenating spa day, we have a retreat for you. Aspen is the place to feel alive and happy in your body. Let us bring luminous health to your home. 

Our vision is centered in sustainability and supporting Aspen's local wellness community.

Emmalee Erickson

Founder of Rise

Emmalee founded Rise in 2022 after spending most of her life in the health and wellness world. She has a vision to see the world elevate (Rise) through the discipline and joy of ultimate health. She lives to help others feel radiant in their body.  She saw that Aspen has the unique ability to combine two worlds - that of luxury, beauty and inspiration with that of discipline, structure and focus. If curated properly, Aspen truly is the place to bring out the best in people's body, spirit and mind.


Born and raised in the Aspen area, Emmalee is dedicated to giving back to her wellness community. She has had countless influential leaders, mentors and colleagues and is excited to create a platform that allows her community to shine in their gifts.  Rise is the place Emmalee now gets the opportunity to share her love for health and wellness while working alongside her fellow health and wellness leaders.  Together, we bring you Rise... the most luxurious, convenient, results - driven experience. 

Passion: Our core belief here at Rise is to live with passion and never settle. This company is about choosing your best life. Our retreats are made to help everyone feel alive and luminous so you can live full out. We want passion! "Do things with heart or don’t do them at all."


Community: Rise exists to build a health and wellness community that is luxurious, inclusive and convenient. Rise offers an opportunity to connect with people on the Rise. Whether you are a client, deepening your bond with family and friends or an employee helping to build up our local health service community, Rise brings people together in the name of elevated health! 

Green: Rise welcomes the responsibility to invest in high quality materials. We plan to be leaders in our field and value sustainable growth nurtured with integrity.  From the yoga mats to the tablecloths, we are only interested in green, sustainable items in our retreats. 

Gratitude: There is no health or wellness without gratitude for life's journey. As we seek to improve ourselves and our lives, Rise is here to remind you of the magic today holds in this very moment. 


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